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Pre-Construction Services

  • Pre-Construction Estimating:
    The estimators consider all the design components and their associated impact during schematic, design development and the construction document phases.
  • Value Engineering:

    The design is evaluated and the pre-construction team comes up with design options that may save the owner money.

  • Feasibility Studies:

    When alternatives are compared to the full cost of the project

  • Scheduling:

    This is set up to allocate where, what and when things should happen on the project.

  • Constructability Review:

    The decision is made as to what order the project will take place.

  • Risk Management:

    Cost and schedule are closely evaluated to minimize change

  • Market Analysis:

    Understanding the market conditions and analyzing possible supplies changes.

  • Cost Control:

    Giving the most effective construction methods to the owner while providing the highest value

  • Quality Control:

    Paying close attention to the procedures and methods while maintaining the high level of quality.

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